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Problem Solving Design for your Problem Solving Ideas!

Discover how problem-solving design can elevate your innovative ideas and transform them into impactful solutions. At UXRKHAN, we specialize in creating user-centric designs that not only address your specific challenges but also enhance user experiences, driving engagement and success.

Our commitment to delivering exceptional UX/UI design solutions. With over three years of experience and a portfolio of more than 100 satisfied clients globally, we are your trusted partner in design.

Our Projects

Explore our portfolio to see how we transform ideas into impactful solutions. From websites to mobile apps and SaaS products, our user-centric designs drive engagement and success for our clients.

Most of my projects are under NDA, so details can't be shared publicly. To discuss my work and see specific examples, please book a call. This allows us to have a detailed and confidential conversation about my experience and the value I can bring to your team.

World-class design on demand, See our process of work.

Discover our world-class design on demand. See how our user-centric process transforms ideas into impactful solutions, from research to prototyping and user testing.


We gather insights about user needs and behaviors to inform design decisions.


We brainstorm and sketch design concepts based on research.


We create interactive prototypes to visualize and test designs with the stakeholders.


We test prototypes with users to gather feedback and refine the design.

Our Services

Experience world-class UX/UI design services tailored to your needs. We specialize in websites, mobile apps, and SaaS products, ensuring user-centric designs that drive engagement and success.

UX Research

Conduct thorough research to uncover user needs and behaviors, guiding informed and effective design decisions that enhance user experiences.

UI Design

Craft visually appealing and intuitive user interfaces that provide a seamless and engaging experience, ensuring satisfaction and ease of use.


Develop detailed interactive prototypes to test and refine design concepts, ensuring they meet user needs and business goals before final implementation.

User Testing

Perform comprehensive user testing to evaluate usability and functionality, ensuring the final product delivers optimal user satisfaction and performance.

Hear from our Partners!

See what our partners have to say about working with us. Discover how our user-centric design approach has helped them achieve success and drive impactful results.


Working with Arif transformed our app's user experience. His design increased our user engagement significantly. Highly recommend!

John Smith

CEO, Product Manager


UXRKHAN's designs are intuitive and visually stunning. They helped boost our conversion rates and improve our overall user satisfaction.

Emily White

Marketing Director


Arif delivered outstanding UI designs for our platform. His user-centric approach made a huge difference in usability.

David Brown

Founder, Start-up


UXRKHAN’s no-code development and design expertise streamlined our project workflow. Their solutions are both innovative and practical.

Sarah Johnson

Project Lead


Collaborating with Arif was a game-changer. His creative designs and thorough research ensured our client's website success.

Michael Lee

Creative Director


UXRKHAN's research and prototyping skills were invaluable. They delivered a seamless, user-friendly design that met all our project needs.

Anna Martinez

Product Owner

Frequently asked Questions!

Find answers to common questions about our services, process, and more. Learn how we can help elevate your digital presence and address your unique needs.

A: No, we are not an agency. We operate as your partner, working closely with you to achieve your design goals and ensure your success. Our collaborative approach sets us apart from traditional agencies.

A: Absolutely! We are open to working as a freelancer on your SaaS team, bringing our expertise in UX/UI design and no-code development to help enhance your product.

A: Yes, we offer free consultancy and audits. Our goal is to help you understand your current UX/UI challenges and opportunities without any initial cost.

The budget for each project is based on its complexity. We assess the scope, requirements, and desired outcomes to provide a tailored quote that ensures the best value for your investment.

We specialize in exceptional UX/UI design, transforming problem-solving ideas into seamless digital experiences. We deliver user-centric designs that captivate and convert.

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